Self Image | Don’t Let Your Fire Burnout

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Self Image | Don’t Let Your Fire Burnout Ever ask yourself: “Why don’t I have what she has?” Or “Why don’t I look the way they look?” Learn The 3 Tricks And The System I Used To End MY Weight Loss Struggle Self Image is one of the toughest things we deal with. Don’t let…

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How To Transform Your Life & Body

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TRANSFORMATION   Taking ACTION! In 2006 I watched Apolo Anton Ohno speed skate in the Winter Olympics and thought, “Man I could do that, I like speed, I like active, aggressive sports.” So I went to a local speed skating organization and asked if I could practice with them. After letting me skate for all…

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How To Tone Your Butt | 3 Exercises For Your Booty

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How To Tone Your Butt | 3 Exercises The 3 exercises I am going to show you will teach you how to tone your butt by focusing on strengthening your glutes (your booty) and  your hamstrings (the backs of your legs). These are 3 of the absolute best moves. Period. There are various ways to…

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How To Lose Hip Fat | 3 Exercises

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How To Lose Hip Fat | And Keep It Off It can be tricky when it comes to burning fat and losing weight around your hips.  Many women struggle with this area of the body and there can be many factors that play a roll in storing fat in that area but I’ll get to that…

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