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This is SO encouraging and truly inspiring. There is so much garbage out there nowadays and having Adam & Thinner In 30 is truly like a breath of fresh air. I tell everyone about Adam and how much he’s helped me not just lose over 30 pounds and finally keep it off,  but truly get to the bottom of why I always struggled with the same 10 pounds. Lose 5, gain 10, lose 10, gain 5. I’m happy to say that I no longer struggle with this and beat myself up about it. If you can relate to my story then I suggest you go through Thinner In 30.

Elizabeth F.
Thinner In 30 Member


A testimony about Adam & ThinnerIn30? Where do I start? lol. Well, first off, Adam has been a saving grace to my constant battle with emotional eating and “yo-yo” dieting. He always says “It’s all mental Joyce, we gotta flip that switch, you CAN do this.” I hear his voice in my head constantly telling me that he believes in me, that I can do this, that he won’t let me fail. It is for that reason that I will forever be a member of the Thinner In 30 community. Overall, Adam & Thinner In 30 helped me lose 5lbs in the first week and I lost 40lbs total. I was so happy to be in a swim suit again that my husband and I bought a beach house in the Bahamas!


Joyce P.
Thinner In 30 Member

t all starts with food… :-) I can hear Adam on the Thinner In 30 Podcast as I write this, lol. I’ve had the privilege to be part of Thinner In 30 for about 5 months now. Adam is so talented, so encouraging, and so compassionate. He has taught me a lot about fitness but even more about how I look at food AND my self.

Steph Alexandar
Thinner In 30 Member

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